Welcome to the New York Oratory of Saint Philip Neri Official web page.

The New York Oratory of St. Philip Neri is a community of lay people, priests, men and women. The specific purpose of the community is to animate the Christian life in local communities and to use the means of social communications in the service of the Gospel. The work in social communication is very unique apostolate of New York Oratory. The community owns a television production studio, supplies video programs to broadcasting entities, and streams audiovisuals on internet. The hallmark of this community is the spirit of friendship. We treasure the gifts of the Holy Spirit and accommodate the different spiritual lifestyles. We enjoy gatherings and celebrations. On the First Friday of the month we celebrate the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Every Thursday we celebrate our community’s Seder, a joyful remembrance of the Last Supper, and of our  intimate friendship with the Lord.  We organize annual tour/pilgrimages. We appreciate the volunteer contributions of every member to the apostolic work of our community.

Our coat of arm  is made of

  1. The logo on upper left corner  representing …
  2. On the opposite side an M as  our honor to Mary the mother of our Lord
  3. The keys and the spear to represent
  4. And the thorns with the seven …

Our vocation is an Invitation to friendship,  to share the joy of loving Jesus together. 

“Dearest Jesus, Please grant me the grace to know my true vocation. In baptism i was signed in your name and have grown to share in the work of bringing the father’s love to our world. Mai i respond to the special life’s work to which you are calling me. I ask that many will hear the particular call to serve in the church as priest, religious and lay people. To whatever you ask of me, may i freely, couragesely and lovingly respond. Amen”