1. In the Oratorian tradition, we are not a community of laws but of love.
  2. Becoming citizens of the world, we discovered that friendship is an universal form of human relationship.
  3. The Lord revealed to us his own friendship. Through St. Philip Neri we found goodness at the heart of friendship
  4. We do not have religious vows. Our priest are diocesan priest.
  5. We model our lide on that of the first disciples of Jesus: we live a simple and joyful life, sharing what we have  with one another and supporting each others work.

Community Service Information 

  1. The work in social communication is a very unique apostolate of the New York Oratory.
  2. The community owns a television production studio, supplies video programs to broadcasting entities, ans streaming on internet.
  3. We are involved in the pastoral activities of the Catholic English and slovak speaking communities.
  4. Recently with the need araising in the New York Archiodiocese, we have been untrusted few parishes. In 2015 St John the baptist in Piermont and St paul and St Ann in Congers were added. Our Lady of sacred heart was the first to be administrated by a  member of the New York Oratory.